The Loop

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To catalyse London’s transition to a ‘city of circular making’ by supporting a cluster of circular economy providers to work alongside UCL academics to trial, scale and collaborate on ‘circular making’ processes and to ensure these are visible and accessible to the local community.

Partners: UCL, LLDC and Shift Innovation District | Location: Pool Street East, QEOP

Textile Reuse Hub

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The Textile Reuse Hub focuses on solutions to reduce textile waste and is the home of the Sustainable Young Makers (SYM) programme and is delivered by Yodomo in partnership with the HWFI CDT. The SYM programme supports young people from the local area to establish their own creative businesses using sustainable approaches.

Partners: Trampery and Peabody, Poplar HARCA, Yodomo & Rise Up East | Location: The Trampery, Fish Island Village

Future Food System & Friends

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To showcase the diversity of circular processes around food and drink through an interactive, self-sufficient home & food system, delivered in partnership with Silo & Future Food Systems.

Partners: Future Food System and Silo | Location: TBC

Circular Economy in Public Realm

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In addition, we are working with London Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets and Muf Architects to ensure circular economy opportunities are included in a new plan for public realm improvements in the local area.

Location: Hackney Wick and Fish Island

Local Waste

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Understanding the commercial waste system in the area.

Location: Hackney Wick and Fish Island
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